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VUMS DataCom

UMS DataCom is a purely Czech company with rich experience in data communications solutions. More than a quarter of a century, we have been using our knowledge to implement advanced technologies.

We are constantly developing across data service segments, IT / OT security and data communications. To all our partners - operators, system integrators – we deliver highly qualified environmental support with respect for the values of others.

Trust and adherence to ethics towards our partners is the basic principle of our business. True to tradition we offer the tailor-made solutions to really help your business.

ISO 14001HP business partner

Company Culture

„Comprehensive network solutions" – our motto.


  • Mutual trust with our partners, clients and employees is always our main priority and is the cornerstone of all our meetings.
  • Respect for the values of other parties, their individual circumstances, successes and challenges in life helps us to appreciate and understand each others unique values.
  • Equality in all our relationships with customers and partners of different ethnic backgrounds is a guiding principle of our workforce.
  • Creativity is the drive that motivates us to develop as a company and helps us to give rise to new opportunities, bringing with them new solutions. We might not be able to change the world, but we can certainly create solutions that hold real value for our customers.
  • Optimism keeps us together, helps overcome moments of difficulty and shapes our working environment.
  • Integrity is a reflection of our dedicated efforts to accomplish specific goals while achieving appropriate recognition for them.


We are specialists in the fi eld of data communications, but we are also connected to the wider world. We are committed to higher social principles and we strive to maintain high standards of respect in our daily lives. We care about our customers and what the solutions and products are used for. Where possible, we choose solutions that use products with low energy consumption and are environmentally friendly and sustainable.


  • Compliance with commitments and arrangements
  • The creation of a working environment where everyone can feel included and valued
  • Recognition for those who underpin the success of the company
  • Providing profitable solutions for our business partners
  • Sharing success with all involved parties


Utilising knowledge, expertise and the latest technological findings in the fi eld of data communications for the design, implementation and delivery of customer solutions. We aim to provide added value for all data networks operators.

Company Management


Jan started to work in VUMS Datacom as Business Development Manager. He has been gaining experience in the international fi eld in large foreign companies since 1995 – for example post OSS / BSS Product Manager for EMEA, or Sales Director C&EE. As director of sales in Europe, he worked in the Benelux, the Nordic countries and Estonia.

Over 15 years of experience in the IT and telecommunications sector in Central and Eastern Europe Jan capitalized besides product management also in marketing. Excellent communication skills and the vision of a successful outcome is worth the successful offering of new technological solutions and building a network of business partners.

VUMS Datacom perceived as a stable company on the Czech market, in which employees have extensive experience with many technologies. What is important for him is to support employees and encourage them to gain experiences. Jan's vision of the direction the company is clear – VUMS Datacom as a technology partner, not only for the biggest Czech system integrators, can choose the right solution tailored.

The area of Jan's professional interests includes security systems, Wireless, Carrier Ethernet and SDN and especially NMS / OSS systems. Jan can see the beauty of simplicity and practicality thanks to his relation to crafts and nature, from which he draws inspiration and peace. Ideal Technology for him is the one that actually works, and we don’t even know about it.


František is a founding member of VUMS Datacom. Prior to founding the company in 1993, he worked at the Research Institute of Mathematical Machines, where his main focus was on the design of integrated circuits and activation of FPGA.

From the beginning, VUMS Datacom was focused on data communications and František initially secured the technology for the LAN networks, access and backbone telecommunication networks, optical communications, DWDM, network security and more. With his technical background, attention to detail and keen interest in new technology, he has risen to become the technological head of the company in the position of CTO and then CFO.

František’s enthusiasm for technology is not limited to data communications, as he also has a passion for theoretical physics and cosmology, a field that combines the search for mathematical models – a systematic, rational and critical examination of the facts- with the realm of philosophy.

Good communication and a deep sense of fair play, based on many years as a member of a community-minded softball team, are the foundations of all of František’s interactions.


Radek is one of the pillars of the company VUMS DataCom. After graduating VSB - Technical University of Ostrava in the early 90s he got into the maelstrom of computer technology as a computer network administrator in one of the important Ostrava companies. After a few years he was dragged from a purely technical position on the sales post. After gaining valuable experience with the trade he moved to Prague and he worked as Sales Specialist.

In VUMS Datacom started nineteen years ago as a product manager. Radek was appointed Chief Sales Officer, for his long-term stable results and a deep professional knowledge of the trade, with competency to manage the entire business process from the beginning up to the successful delivery of a product or service to satisfied customer.

Radek’s goal in the new position is primarily to simplify processes in the growing company, to strengthen cooperation with existing partners and develop new business opportunities.

He continually deepens his expertise with further education, as evidenced by certifications and attended trainings. He enjoys travelling and in his spare time he is devoted to recreational sports.


Libor has been part of the technical team at VUMS DataCom since 1995. He gained technical knowledge when he worked as a technical specialist, responsible for software customization and providing technical support. From the beginning, Libor’s role at VUMS Datacom was in the fi eld of technical support to the customers, and his technical skills, combined with his capable analytical approach, were invaluable to the company. Today Libor is a recognized expert in many areas of data communications, particularly within DWDM technology. Libor’s knowledge, underpinned by a great deal of practical experience has its foundations deep in the detailed study of communication standards, particularly open standards, that facilitate communications and enable the development of open systems.

His eye for precision and detail is also reflected in his interest in HiFi systems which are characterized by high-fi delity acoustic signals; he is an acoustics enthusiast with a keen interest in the whole process of sound reproduction. The art of listening is the cornerstone of communication skills and has a significant influence on the perception of the quality of services, in particular in the role of CTO, which he has held at VUMS DataCom for 5 years. Today he is as the chief engineer of VUMS DataCom responsible for network design and data communications security solutions.


Martin works for VUMS Datacom for 22 years. In 2000, he got on the VUMS‘board as the product manager, which recently transformed into a business development manager for the microwave area and was named Director of Customer Services.

Previously he worked more than 10 years as a managing director and technical director of the small Czech-German company focused on private radio network. The main influence that formed Martin not only professionally, in his words, is interesting in his own work. Nowadays it is impossible to determine the exact boundary between work and personal life. Work must itself be a hobby, otherwise the person cannot do it in the long term, and first of all well. The company like VUMS Datacom commonly combine job positions.

He complemented the education and recently received the international certificates PRINCE2 and ITIL. Martin further education is a clear signal of where VUMS DataCom is going - increasingly focus on technologies and solutions with high added value. Every single business case is something unique and it is good to be approached as a project. Martin's project approach helps to address these business cases comprehensively, timely and effectively. Martin's appointment to the post of director of customer service and project manager is a clear signal that the VUMS Datacom appreciate his many years of experience and professional knowledge.




macmon secure
about vendor
macmon secure

The German company macmon secure, founded in 2003, develops network security software with a focus on network access control. The technology leader in NAC is based in Berlin and in 2014 expanded its presence in the European market by opening an office in the UK.
macmon has a wide range of customers from different industries and from SMEs to large international companies.
The main goal of macmon is to offer every company a flexible and efficient NAC solution. Implementation with minimal effort is a big plus for network security.

Current topics: macmon for schools


about vendor

Everyone deserves online protection
Whalebone’s mission is to provide protection to the billion everyday internet users.
Whalebone provides millions of everyday internet users with protection from cyber threats without having to download anything.

Whalebone AI leverages big data
We’re already protecting millions of users in real-time with ever-improving next-generation threat intelligence. Whalebone AI leverages big data from our telecom customers and combines it with carefully selected external sources to deliver game-changing cybersecurity and stay one step ahead.

We can protect all connected devices
Because all of our products operate at the DNS network level, we can protect all connected devices, including IoT and other devices that are otherwise difficult or impossible to protect. Plus, it’s all done in the simplest way possible, so everyone gets the chance to be protected without compromise.


Since its inception, our company has partnered with RAD Data Communications, a company that has been introducing innovative technologies to improve performance and competitiveness among service providers since 1981.

RAD offers communications service providers Service Assured Access and packet migration solutions that reduce operational costs and complexity and improve service agility.

This includes MEF Carrier Ethernet 2.0 (Ethernet transmission), Layer 2 and Layer 3 (L2,L3) performance monitoring, application recognition and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), ASIC and FPGA development, hardware miniaturization and SFP module enhancements, and timing synchronization. Many of these technologies are shaping industry standards due to RAD’s active role in organizations such as the Broadband Forum, ETSI, IETF, ITU and MEF.

With a base of over 12,000,000 units, RAD works closely with global operators including A1 Telekom Austria, Bharti Airtel, CenturyLink, China Mobile, China Telecom, Claro, Deutsche Telekom/T-Mobile, Embratel, France Telecom/Orange, Hutchison, KDDI, KPN, SoftBank, Telefónica, TeliaSonera, Telstra, Telus, Verizon International and Vodafone.

RAD is a member of the $1.2 1.46 billion RAD Group of companies, the world’s leading communications solutions company.


Greenbone Networks was founded in 2008 by leading experts in network security and free software (software libre). The company is based in Osnabrück, Germany and their solutions are used worldwide.
It offers a solution for vulnerability analysis and management – Greenbone Security Manager (GSM), or vulnerability testing in the form of a service called Greenbone Cloud Solution (GCS) It identifies security risks in enterprise IT, assesses their risk potential and recommends solutions. The goal is to prevent attacks on known vulnerabilities. GSM is the perfect complement to reactive security tools such as Firewall & Co.
Transparency and quality are important to Greenbone. Customers thus receive a fully auditable product made in Germany. The solution is also finding favour in the government sector. Greenbone has a contract with the German Federal Office for Information Security to support federal agencies in the fight against cyber attacks.

Topics: Vulnerabilities.


about vendor

A network available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with optimal use of all available resources and maximum security is the ideal and desirable state of affairs. Failure of any component – server, firewall, internet connection, as well as congestion or security incident, all mean unavailability of information, non-functioning application and ultimately financial loss.
RADWARE offers powerful hardware switches that combine a number of technologies – load balancing, web and application switching, bandwidth management, intrusion prevention system (IPS). It offers throughput up to 80 Gbps per L7. They can detect the current status of individual network components and applications (using health monitoring), then redirect traffic in the optimal way. They can prioritize important applications and provide necessary parameters such as bandwidth, unwanted applications can then be blocked. They can also detect and block various malicious codes and attacks – for example, worms, viruses, spyware and denial of service (DoS) attacks.

Current topics: WAF



Ceragon Networks Ltd., a member of the Israeli RAD Group, has developed, manufactures and markets the FibeAir™ high capacity wireless transmission system. It is a broad family of point-to-point microwave links that enable the building of reliable, low-cost and high-performance telecommunications and data networks.
Ceragon Networks is a world leader among specialized microwave link manufacturers, at the forefront of technological development and in many ways setting the trends for future development. More than 25 years of experience in this field gives users confidence that Ceragon Networks is a stable and reliable partner for a long time and its products, installed in more than 130 countries, are a good choice for everyone.
The company was formerly called GIGANET Ltd., but changed its name to CERAGON Networks Ltd. in connection with its listing on NASDAQ. In 2011 Ceragon Networks Ltd. acquired the Norwegian company NERA Networks AS.

Topics: Wireless.


Thomas-Krenn.AG is not only a leading manufacturer of individual servers and storage systems, but also a provider of data centre solutions. Its more than 15,000 customers from all over Europe include large corporations, public administrations, IT service providers, educational institutions and a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises.
Thomas-Krenn currently has 160,130 employees who assemble all servers in Germany in the town of Freyung near the Czech border. Since its foundation in 2002, Thomas-Krenn.AG has been characterized by steady growth.

about vendor

Belgian company OTN Systems develops and markets optical networking products for operational telecommunications departments in the transportation and mining industries, ITS, energy companies, security, industry and public institutions.
OTN Systems is a reliable designer and supplier of Open Transport Network (OTN) and XTran (eXcellence in TRANsport).
In nearly thirty years in the marketplace, OTN Systems has built a solid reputation utilizing cost-effective and reliable communications networks. With its unique portfolio, highly skilled employees and extensive partner network, it delivers products to customers worldwide with a focus on innovation, quality and network reliability.


The Swiss company FlexDSL has been operating on the global market since 2001. It designs and manufactures network equipment for internet service providers and critical infrastructures.
Products are approved and installed in more than 35 countries worldwide. It can customize hardware and firmware according to specific customer requirements. It also designs network equipment to customer specifications that can be integrated into existing racks, multiplexers or systems. If required, it secures its products against the harmful effects of the industrial environment in which they are installed.
FlexDSL’s devices are shock resistant both while the train car is moving and underwater in a saltwater offshore environment.


albis-elcon is a company that develops, manufactures and sells products primarily for access networks. With more than 180 employees, it offers a wide range of products and services to its customers in more than 40 countries. The albis-elcon development and research sites are located in Zurich and Mezzovico-Vira (Switzerland). The company’s partner centres are located in Italy and Taiwan. Most of the equipment is manufactured in Switzerland and Germany, some of it is produced in China.
Albis/Elcon’s latest orientation is towards the field of optical access networks. The company has left the metallic network area due to lack of interest from customers. The manufacturer’s freed-up development capacity is now fully concentrated on the Acceed 210x and Acceed 410x series of optical devices. This is a cutting-edge technology designed for NTU (Network Termination Unit) solutions. The entire family of these devices is MEF certified and fully compliant. The new functional requirements of customers have led to the expansion of the albis-elcon portfolio with a proprietary network management platform for monitoring and control called Metro-Integrator, which offers comprehensive network management, allowing operators to use navigation maps to not only gain an overview of network elements requiring potential attention, but also facilitating the configuration of individual elements.
Metro-Integrator provides SNMP NBI for connecting third party devices and monitoring and managing them. This monitoring system is compatible with the CORBA SNMP Mediator Module (CSM) and also with the previous Access-Integrator monitoring and management system, which fully replaces and brings new features to the management and monitoring process.

about vendor


Over more than twenty-five years, the company has built a strong team of experts whose knowledge guarantees highly qualified operational support to its customers - operators and corporate network operators - enterprises, organizations and government institutions.

Our company popularizes, sells and provides a range of solutions for new telecommunications equipment including their accessories. It comprehensively solves the issues of network infrastructure and active network security - access monitoring, data collection according to corporate or legislative requirements.

We are CURRENTLY looking for a colleague (even a graduate) to join our team as:

Pre-sales security consultant/BDM
Technician specialist ICT
Sales in IT
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The company is registered
in OR MS in Prague, section C, insert 17811,
of 18 February 1993

+420 220 999 511 (PO – PÁ: 8.00 – 16.30)

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