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Cyber security of networks and individual devices within them is a constantly evolving branch of computer technology. It is "The totality of legal, organisational, technical and educational means aimed at ensuring the protection of cyberspace." (Interpretive Dictionary of Cybersecurity)

The goal of cybersecurity (otherwise known as information security) is to protect information and assets from theft, corruption, or natural disaster, while keeping that information and assets accessible to users. Cybersecurity affects all users, regardless of what devices or technologies they use at home or at work.

VUMS DataCom offers specialised services in this area for existing and new partners, an overview of which can be seen below.


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Analysis of the company's network traffic

The subject of the offered service is the analysis of the company's data network operation. It consists in monitoring data flows and subsequent processing of the data obtained in order to provide maximum information on the state of the network in terms of operation and security, as well as to detect possible anomalies and security risks. The analysis includes designing the optimal distribution of network capacities, identifying critical points in the network, detecting internal and external attacks and identifying the services and users contributing most to the data network load.

The primary equipment used for network analysis is data flow monitoring equipment, specifically a probe with adequate power and number of monitoring ports. The probe is connected off-line and is purely passive. It is placed in the network for a minimum of 14 days. The first week is dedicated to collecting operational data and debugging the setup. The second week the collected data is compared with the baseline. At the end of the monitoring period, all data is evaluated by specialised software using behavioral analysis method and the result is compiled into a clear PDF report. The probe does not store any user data, only operational and location data.

Inventory and audit of the found devices are performed by scanner. The network is scanned in our selected segments to get an overview of the devices in the network. A set of tests are applied to the found devices according to the customer's specifications to detect security vulnerabilities. The ideal deployment duration of the devices performing the scanning and testing is a minimum of 7 days to cover normal business operations. A prerequisite for performing the analysis is the provision of independent remote access to the devices performing the analysis, inventory and vulnerability tests.

service offer

Advanced vulnerability management as a service

This service is based on a HW platform that is placed in a central part of the customer's network. It will perform its own vulnerability tests and all results will also be stored here (the information will not leave the customer's premises).

The scanner performs scheduled scans of the network in segments selected by us. The added value is the overview of the devices in the network. A set of tests is applied to the devices according to the customer's specifications to detect security vulnerabilities. The device is rated to test 50-80,000 IP addresses within 24 hours, depending on the complexity of the selected tests and the scanner chosen.